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Masterpost of All My Fan-Fiction
Disclaimer: Yes, I, Eric Kripke/Laurell K. Hamilton/Joss Whedon, etc. have nothing better to do with my time than write fanfic of my own show(s)/book(s)/movie(s) and post them on the internet. Pffft, I wish. Not mine, never will be.

Supernatural Verses:

Facing Darkness Trilogy

A triple cross between Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Anita Blake, and Supernatural. The boys don't appear until the second story, By All That's Holy... And Some That's Not, but I recommend reading Saving Grace first if you want any idea of what's going on.   WIP current word count 133,339

Pet!Verse Masterpost WIP

An AU where the supernatural is common knowledge, Hunting is a paying job, and angels and demons are viewed as little more than animals (like cats and dogs) and kept as pets and Hunting Companions by humans. Later stories will include Dean/Castiel and Sam/Ruby.

Daddy!Castiel WIP though the individual stories can stand alone

A story in which Dean runs into Makala, a hunter friend of his and Sam's, while on a case, and, in a stroke of brilliance, decides to set her up with Castiel. The two hit it off and Makala ends up pregnant. The children of humans and angels can tip the scales in the battle between Good and Evil and Makala dies while protecting their daughter, Grace, leaving Castiel to raise her with the help of Sam and Dean and, occasionally, Bobby. But, unknown to all but Grace, Makala is still around, determined to make a Happily-Ever-After for her family even if she has to tie Dean and Castiel together to get it done! Will contain Het sex between Castiel and Makala and Slash between Dean and Castiel. Those chapters will be clearly marked, the rest are mostly unbearably cute fluff.

From Hell With Love - Slash/Dub-/Non-Con/Brainwashed!Sexslave!Dean - NC-17 - Dean/Castiel, Dean/Alastair - WIP
During Heaven-Hell peace talks, Dean is gifted to Castiel

A Marriage Made in... Somewhere - Slash/Dub-Non-Con, arranged marriage - NC-17/R - Demon!Dean/Angel!Castiel - WIP
Heaven and Hell are warring kingdoms that have finally reached a peace agreement but to make sure it sticks Prince Dean of the Demons and Prince Castiel of the Angels are to wed.  Neither are all that thrilled about it.

Supernatural One-Shots

The One - Slash/Non-Con/Bestiality - NC-17 - Centaur/Dean - COMPLETE
Dean thought that they were on the hunt for a centaur that has been killing people on the outskirts of a farming community but the centaur saw Dean the minute the Winchesters hit town, and wants to claim Dean for his mate.

Hollow Moon - Slash/Bestiality - NC-17 - Werewolf!Dean/Castiel - COMPLETE
Most werewolves look mostly human but have animal minds... After Dean is infected, he turns into an anatomically correct, massive wolf, but mentally he's still Dean, and he hates the "monster" he turns into, spending the night of the full moon sulking every month. Castiel is in love with Dean, no matter what form he takes, and he's desperate to make Dean understand. Desperate enough to let Dean take his virginity in wolf form.

And I Shall Be Your Sword - Gen - COMPLETE
After the events of Sympathy for the Devil, the archangel Michael seeks out his sword, only not in the way anyone expected.

Lust (WIP) - Slash/Threesome/Voyeurism/Dub-Con - NC-17 -Dean/Castiel/Sam (and variations therein)
The demon Lust is out of Hell and looking to have some fun with the Winchesters.

1 - 2 - 3 - 4

A Different Kind of Wing!fic - Slash - NC-17 - Dean/Castiel - COMPLETE
We've all read fics where Dean gets wings, well, this is one of those... with a twist

I Thought You Liked Horses? - Gen - PG-13 - COMPLETE
Sequel to A Different Kind of Wing!fic.  What happened after Castiel opened the door on Sam?

Rose, Why Do You Bleed? - Drabble - PG-13 - Dean/Castiel - COMPLETE
Dean and Cas make love on a bed of roses, the kind with thorns.

Gabriel/Impala fic - kinda cracky - NC-17 - Gabriel/Impala - COMPLETE
After joining Team Free Will, Gabriel and the Impala bond.

Remember Mars? - kinda cracky - G - COMPLETE
So, what did happen to the dinosaurs?

How Castiel Saved the World - total crack - PG - COMPLETE
How the world should have been saved.

Price of Rebellion - angsty drabble - PG-13 - COMPLETE
Castiel pays the price for disobedience.

Tail Time - kinda cracky solo-porn - NC-17 - COMPLETE
Dean is cursed with a tail and puts it to good use.

Hush Little Baby - dark!fic - R - COMPLETE
Ellen was alone the second time Jo was born...

How to Train Your Dragon... Human...Whatever - cracky slash - NC-17 - Dean/Dragon!Castiel - COMPLETE
Castiel is a dragon and Dean is the 'virgin' sacrifice left out for him.

What are Friends For? - Gen/Crack/possibly pre-Slash (I really don't know) - PG-13 - Dean/Castiel friendship (This is from the kink_meme so consider yourself warned) - COMPLETE
Dean and Castiel are hit by a curse which makes Dean lactate and Castiel need that milk to survive.

A Different Kind of Hell non-con slash - NC-17 - Sam/Lucifer - COMPLETE
Another kink_meme offering where-in the prompter wanted Sam topping the hell outta Lucifer.

SPN Crossovers

Five times Aziraphale and Crowley met Team Free Will - Gen, Slash, Crack - various ratings - WIP

Lord, Save Us From Idiotic, Self-Sacrificing Hero-Types - semi-slashy, semi-serious - R (subject to change as I continue) - Supernatural/Avengers(2012 movie!verse... kinda) - Dean/Cas, Clint Barton(Hawkeye)/Agent Phil Coulson - WIP
From a prompt at avengerkink (yes, another kink_meme).
Coulson knows a little about a little of what goes on in the supernatural world (why do you think he was so unimpressed with Thor?) and, after he dies, Clint decides he'd do anything to bring his lover back... even if it means selling his soul. Can the Winchesters save him before his deal comes due?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossovers

Scattered - Gen, mild Slash, Crack - PG-13 - COMPLETE
A multi-cross detailing what happens to the Scooby Gang after the amulet Angel gives Buffy causes the Hellmouth to explode, flinging the Scoobies and mini-Slayers across the multi-verse.
Crosses include Antia Blake, Merry Gentry, Lord of the Rings, Rachel Morgan, Pirates of the Caribbean and Enchanted, with special ending appearances by Good Omens and Supernatural.
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OMG, PLEASE tell me there's going to be more of 'marriage made in...somewhere" I started reading and then it stopped in the middle and I NEED more of it PLEASSEEE

I am planning on finishing all of my stories, i just need to prod the muse into cooperating

oh thank god, I was so scared. You know a fangirl's worst fear is a brilliant, unfinished WIP. Well, that and character death but on Supernatural that's never permanent. ;)

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